LDPE Bags & Tubing


The LDPE bags are highly efficient and valuable protection solution to keep the food items fresh for longer time, to enhance the shelf life of healthcare medicines and drugs and to protect other packaging products from the harmful effects of moisture, odor, mold and mildew. LDPE bags are moisture free, odorless and toxic free, thus gives the best possible way for the safety of the packaging products

Advantages of Our bags

  • Food Grade
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Resistant to punctures
  • Leak Proof
  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent moisture retention
  • 100% virgin, clear polyethylene film


LDPE Bags are available in multiple variants –

  • Width: 6″ – 24″
  • Height: 4″ – 48″
  • Thickness: 20 – 100 microns


LDPE Tubing

Low-Density Polyethylene LDPE and Linear Low-Density Polyethylene LLDPE tubing are used in a broad array of applications including cable jacketing, chemical conveyance, pneumatic and air lines, beverage/ food processing, and potable water systems.

Color coding is commonly used to identify various chemical or air lines within a facility or process. However, most manufacturers offer less than 6 colors, limiting the user’s choices. In addition, if you have a custom color we can probably run it.


  • Low gas and moisture permeability
  • No plasticizers
  • Photo Opaque
  • Good Flexibility
  • Continuous coils
  • Pre-cut lengths


  • Width: 175 mm – 1500 mm
  • Thickness: 23 – 100 microns
  • Length: As per requirement